APAC IPv6 Council

About Us

APAC IPv6 Council  is a chapter of the IPv6 Forum dedicated to the advancement and propagation of IPv6 (Internet Protocol, version 6) in Asia Pacific region. Comprised of individual members and corporate members, the APAC v6 Council's mission is to provide technical leadership and innovative thought for the successful integration of IPv6 into all facets of networking and telecommunications infrastructure present and future.

Through its continued facilitation of technical and business case whitepapers, IPv6-centric conferences, IPv6 test and IPv6 deployment readiness guides, IPv6 Education programs (https://education.ipv6forum.com/) and collaboration with IPv6 task forces from around the globe,  APAC IPv6 Council will strive to be the guiding force for IPv6 adoption and readiness in Asia Pacific Region.


Dr. Latif Ladid
President, IPv6 Forum

Advisor, APAC IPv6 Council


To lead the transformation towards a New Internet world based on IPv6, closely working with governments, regulatory agencies, service providers, and other relevant stakeholders, to foster a sustainable and interconnected digital ecosystem across the Asia-Pacific region.

Goals to Achieve

Collaborate with government, industry, and academia representatives to develop a strategic roadmap that outlines the key initiatives and milestones for promoting IPv6 adoption in the APAC region.

Develop and implement an awareness campaign to educate various stakeholders about the benefits of IPv6 and the importance of transitioning to IPv6-Only. Conduct training programs, webinars, and workshops to enhance the technical capabilities and skills of network administrators, IT professionals, and engineers in IPv6 deployment.

Collaborate with government agencies and policymakers to advocate for IPv6-only policies and regulations that promote IPv6 adoption.

Establish testbeds and pilot projects in collaboration with industry partners and academic institutions to showcase successful IPv6 deployments.

Develop metrics and performance indicators to measure the progress of IPv6 adoption in the APAC region.

Collaborate with other regional and global IPv6 initiatives, such as the IPv6 Forum, IPv6 Enhanced Council, APNIC, ICANN, IEEE, ITU-T, etc. to exchange knowledge, experiences, and best practices, and initiatives from other regions. Participate/Conduct international conferences, workshops, and forums to represent the APAC IPv6 Council and contribute to the global IPv6 community.


Dr Latif Ladid

President of Global IPv6 Forum

Advisor, APAC IPv6 Council 

Prof Emeritus Dr Sureswaran Ramadass 

Chairman, APAC IPv6 Council

Mr.Robin Li 


Mr.Krishna Kumar Lahoti 


Mr.Will Liu

Steering Committee Member 

Ms. Vallikkannu Nagappan